Alexandria Fiery | founder & pastry chef

Who is behind TwoTwentyTwo Pastry? It's me - Allie Fiery! I'm a passionate vegan of 9 years and trained Pastry Chef. I started TwoTwentyTwo Pastry during the Fall of 2020, during the pandemic.

It has been a life long dream of mine to start my own pastry business. I have combined my love for animal rights and my passion for baking to create fun, artful baked goods.

Following my love of Pastry, I attended Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. After graduating in 2014, I have worked in professional kitchens from New York to Austin, TX.

So, why the name TwoTwentyTwo Pastry? For the last two years the number "222" has followed me and guided me to Charleston. I would see the number everywhere. Repeating numbers like this are also referred to as "angel numbers". Whenever I see the number now, I am reminded that I'm exactly where I need to be.

As of 2024, I moved to Portland, Oregon with my husband. I can’t wait to share my desserts with this amazing new city. See you at a pop-up soon!

What the people are saying

I cannot get over how amazing everything was! I've already told everyone they can't miss out on whatever concoctions you're coming up with next. Thank you again!!

Lesley, Charleston

The best vegan pasties in CHS!!!! The creativity!

Ivy, Charleston

Today was the first day I've had your pop-tarts and I just wanted to say THEY BLEW MY MIND. seriously having a love affair with them. I've been vegan for almost 5 years and hands down the best dessert I've had from anywhere.

Chelsea, Charleston

You have amazing creatvity and the best treats!

Dan, Charleston

OK when do you think you'll have a storefront?! Because I can sooooo see that happening for you.

Anne, Charleston

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